Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dibber Dobber Dity

...that is what I called it when I was little, but it is really Silver Dollar City. Grams and Pa took me there a few days ago. It was so fun because we took the camper and I got to sleep in my own bunk bed. Grams always packs lots of good things when we camp, like marshmallows and gummy treats. My mom doesn't buy those gummy treats because she says they will make me turn into a wild Indian. Pa and Grams took me on the frog ride tea cups, train and all the rides for hours and hours! Pa told me funny stories and then one night me and Pa had a burping contest. It was so fun! Except for the last morning, I met a fun girl named Julianna, who was 6. She and I played and played and when we had to leave we both just hugged and cried. I miss that girl. Oh well, maybe I will see her next time.

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