Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dibber Dobber Dity

...that is what I called it when I was little, but it is really Silver Dollar City. Grams and Pa took me there a few days ago. It was so fun because we took the camper and I got to sleep in my own bunk bed. Grams always packs lots of good things when we camp, like marshmallows and gummy treats. My mom doesn't buy those gummy treats because she says they will make me turn into a wild Indian. Pa and Grams took me on the frog ride tea cups, train and all the rides for hours and hours! Pa told me funny stories and then one night me and Pa had a burping contest. It was so fun! Except for the last morning, I met a fun girl named Julianna, who was 6. She and I played and played and when we had to leave we both just hugged and cried. I miss that girl. Oh well, maybe I will see her next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Big Heart

Mom and Dad say I have a big heart and that one day I'll be helping people in Guatemala or something.

I like to watch the weather and check it on mom's phone. When I saw a big storm on TV, a hurricane, Dad told me that some people have to leave their houses. I told him they could stay with us and use my bed. Also, when mom told me about a lady that doesn't have a real home, I said, "Mom, she can stay with us and share my pop-tarts!" Sometimes I talk about Grace from Guatemala (I am good at remembering stuff). She has some of my old things now. I told Dad that he can hold Ryan and mom can hold Grace and she can be part of our family.

Mom and Dad say they are proud of me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Mom

That's it...I'm getting a NEW mom. I told her so today. You can get them at the toy store. The toy store is where I wanted to go to get a new girl, but Mom said, "No, not today."
That is when I just had it...I started crying and said I wanted a new mom instead of saying, "Mom, you're my best friend" and "I never want a new mom."
I still didn't get a new girl.


My daddy's tummy hurt so he had to go to the hospital. I asked mom if he was going to heaven and she said, "Not today." We stayed with Grams and Pa which was fabulous, because I got to stay up late and eat mac and cheese for dinner and BREAKFAST. Yahooooo!!!
More about dad....they made a hole in his bellow button and to take the appendix out. I'm not sure if that is true or if he is teasing me, but we aren't supposed to lie at our house because I got a spanking for that. I drew a picture of it this morning...the belly button thing (appendix), and mom hung it on the fridge.

Friday, May 16, 2008


My Spanish Class is over for a while. It has been fun. My teacher told my mom that I'm very good at repeating words and DANCING during song time. My favorite thing from Spanish is chocolate milk (for snack). I refer to it only in Spanish as chocolate and now request that mom buy it at the store.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Questions about Brother?!?

When is Ry going to get big and not be a baby?
Why does he eat EVERYTHING?
When will he be big enough to wrestle with?
Can we change him to a sister?
...just curious!

What Happens When Dad is Asleep..

Monday night, Mom had a board meeting (whatever that is) and left after she put Ry to bed. That left Daddy in charge. So, he got me all ready for bed and tucked me in. When mom got home at 9, she checked on me and I was still awake. She noticed something was missing on my little mermaid costume (which I was sleeping in). Here is how it went from there...

Mom: Did you tear your costume?
Addie: Nooooo, I cut it.
Mom: With your scissors?
Addie: No, the kitchen ones (the ones that could put an eye out and debone a chicken). I was making a ball gown. Are you so proud of me?
Mom: Of course, it is beautiful! Wow, you cut a lot of holes! Did you cut anything else? Scissor use reminder talk...blah, blah, blah!
Addie: No
Mom: Where are the scissors?
Addie: They are in here somewhere?
Mom: Did you eat a snickers (wrapper by bed)?
Addie: No, butterfly Barbie did!
Mom: Tell the truth.
Addie: Yes. I was hungry for a little snack.
Mom: Where was Daddy?
He was sleeping in his bed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I decided to turn the hose on high in the back yard and let it run. Mom did not notice this while we were in the back because the hose is around the corner of the house. She did notice it 2 hours later after she had put us to bed and heard a strange sound (like water running) in my room. When she asked me about it, I told her I did it...I was just cleaning up. Honesty is the best policy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Barber Shop

It is NOT the Barbie Shop like I thought Dad said. It is a place for Dad's and boys to get haircuts, but not Ryan because he doesn't have hair.